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Unlike many famous revolution figures who were quite wealthy and had vested interest in American independence through their business and political careers, Samuel Adams was practically broke during his best political years. Not having to gain personally made Adams even more genuine in his beliefs that America must be independent from Britain. Read more >>

Early Life

Samuel lived his early life in the house on Purchase Street, facing the Boston Harbor. With only fifteen thousand of population Boston was a very different city then. >>

Popular Quotes

Neither the wisest constitution nor the laws will secure the happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt. >>

Famous Documents and Speeches

Even among progressive elite he was considered a radical who could electrify the sleepy colonial crowd through speeches. >>

Boston Massacre

In 1769 British regiments commenced their duty in Boston which raised the stakes dramatically for Adams. The troops were an easy target for anti-British propaganda.


Boston Tea Party

Reacting to pressure in 1770, Lord North repealed four of the five Townshend Duties, keeping only the tax on tea. The American colonists refused to buy the tea out of principle.


Roots of Political Activism

When reading about SA, one can’t help to be amazed by his determination. Personal tragedies such as the loss of his father, poverty over a long period of time did little to shake his spirit.


"The Last Puritan" - Conclusion of Political Career

Samuel Adams strongly believed that leaders had to promote virtue and values and it became his political agenda. As the Governor of Massachusetts he became known as “The last Puritan”. These strong beliefs coupled with his more than ordinary inflexibility earned him many enemies in the following years starting with his former protégée John Hancock with whom he reconciled years later.



The Adams family was among the early settlers in the British colony to set roots in this new land of opportunities. Henry Adams emigrated from Somerset, England in 1638, he had 10 children. Three of his sons were involved in politics. Lt. Thomas Adams served in the Massachusetts Government Council, Cap. Samuel Adams served in the Massachusetts General Court and John Adams I was a Massachusetts Selectman.



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Early Career

Townshend Acts

Sugar Act

Boston Massacre

Political Activism

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